Graphics adapter is AMD 7750 with 6 ports setup

Feb 10, 2024
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Graphics adapter is AMD 7750 with 6 ports. Windows 10 detects all 6 monitors but i can extend the desktop to only 4. Monitors 5 and 6 remain black but show they are detected. When trying to extend an error occurs. I have tried extending and duplicating monitors to no avail. I have spoke with a tech from AMD and they suggest a windows issue. I have two of these 7750 adapters and both act the same on 2 different computers.
Any ideas anyone?
Welcome to the forum :)

I'm clueless about that, but a thought for what it's worth:

Reduce whatever resolution you're setting the monitors at. Possibility you're trying to push out more pixels than the graphics card can handle.

If you don't get an answer here in a day, you might get more answers at Tom's Hardware, where they specialize in PC hardware parts-we specialize in PC games :)


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