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Dec 24, 2021
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I am new to pc gaming, I currently have a lenovo thinkcentre E73/i3-4170/8GB Ram/500GB HDD, which I picked up cheap as needed something to do paperwork on and I wanted to get back into playing Euro Truck simulator 2 and was wondering if anyone could reccomenda cheaper, low profile graphics card that could help me run it a bit better. The pc currently runs ETS2 on medium settings so looking to just take it to the next level without spending too much.

Hi and welcome. @Sam130199

Very important to note. It looks to me that the system you have only includes an 180W power supply. That alone severely limits your options.

This combined with the fact that going by your CPU the system is around 6-7 years old means that adding any extra power load to the system is going to push the already weak power supply to its limit. Possibly at risk to the whole system if the PSU blows.

If you aren't worried about losing the system altogether, its probable a GT1030 will work and have a small bump to performance for you. Anything more power hungry more than that is likely to blow that PSU close to immediately. It also doesn't look like it would have any extra PCI-E power connectors anyway, and provided a card will physically fit inside the case, which wasn't designed for it.
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