Question GPU clearance issues Meshify C

Feb 16, 2024
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Hello, I recently got a 4080 Super FE and I planned on moving my AIO to the top of my case so it could fit. The problem is the motherboard heatsinks and the CPU power cable are in the way. I know I could get cable extensions for the CPU but any advice for the motherboard heat sinks? Really appreciate any help! (I know I might just have to switch to an air cooler, but looking to see if I can avoid that. If I do have to switch, you think a noctua h15 would work here?)

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240mm Corsair AIO? I recognize the fans and side design - I had one until recently
often the problem is the ram clearance with that case.

What is the restriction when using a top mounted 240 radiator?
The Meshify C supports 240 mm radiators in the top, but you will have a maximum motherboard component height of 40 mm. This mainly goes for motherboard I/O-shields, bigger VRM heat sinks, and RAM, so low-profile RAM is to be preferred.

what motherboard is it? strange CPU power cable runs over the heatsink

When I first made my current PC I only had a 2070 Super and my case looked too big for its purpose. I was asked why. Two years later I got my 7900 XT and having more space suddenly made sense. I have a Meshify S2 but I never tried to fit the AIO on roof.
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