PCG Article God of War is coming to PC in January

Excited for this, although there's quite a lot coming up that's tempting me to buy full price. Hopefully other Playstation exclusives will continue to come to PC, I assume Sony likes money so I'd think so.

Why not Bloodborne though? :disappointed:
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God of War is coming to PC in January (link to PCG article)

I don't really follow console games, but I'm pretty sure this is a big deal. Many seem to think this is the greatest game of all time. It sold 19.5 million copies on Playstation 4. (There are far fewer games on console than on PC, with many console players still preferring physical copies, so you end up with some huge games getting a ridiculous market share.)

The Steam listing is for $49.99, which means it may be the cheapest the game has ever sold for. The article lists a bunch of changes for the PC version:

The PC version of God of War promises a range of enhancements including "high fidelity graphics," with support for 4K resolutions, ultrawide displays, unlocked framerates, and advanced settings including higher resolution shadows, "improved" screen space reflections, and support for GTAO and SSDO. Nvidia DLSS support will also be available at launch to help with framerates. Controllers and fully customizable mouse-and-keyboard setups will be supported.

What a time for PC gaming (if you already have a GPU)!
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