Games you got cheap that surprised you.

So Steam sale starts tomorrow. So which games did you buy cheap in a sale, but really enjoyed. (I mean what can you buy for less than £10 these days> a game and hours of distraction).

Sniper EliteV2, Steep(great fun once you get off the main jumps, wild snowboarding down mountains) and of course Shadow of War(Nemesis system alone, but Talion is deadly fun).


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Just Cause games are always cheap on sale, or at least 2 and 3 are. I haven't tried 4 yet.
No need for any of the DLC for that one.

Oh, and Just Cause 3 is already on sale!

Mad Max is an excellent (and pretty unique) game that I think will go on sale for cheap. Even its non-sale price is good.

Dragon's Dogma is already on sale for just $5 USD

Control ALMOST hits $10. Maybe this year?

Saints Row: The Third is under $10 already. Nobody under the age of 25 should be within 100 meters while playing this game. (Non-remastered edition - you can get prettier graphics for a little more)

Valkyria Chronicles and VC 4 are both great. The first game's story is odd, but the second's is fine. You spend most all of your time in the tactical combat, so the stories aren't all that critical. The combat is a little like XCOM in over-the-shoulder 3D.

Prey is an excellent immersive sim. Feel free to ignore the Mooncrash DLC.

For some weird reason, Control and Prey can be bundled together!?

Finally, if you like this style of game, you can get hundreds of hours of fun for cheap with X3.
During last years summer sale, I bough Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun for a couple of bucks and was unexpectedly surprise how good the game was. It was a really fun tactical-stealth game, much like those old commandos game.

If you have couple of bucks to spare you should definitely check this game out.