What games have you bought multiple times?

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Devil May Cry 4 (Bought it once on 360, got the PC version shortly after and got the Special Edition on Steam)
Disgaea 2 (originally had on PS2, later got it as a gift on Steam)
Tales of Symphonia (I really only got it as a pre-order bonus for Tales of Zestiria. Originally had it on the Gamecube)
Tales of Vesperia (Really only bought it out of respect for the developers. Have yet to progress far enough to see the formerly PS3 exclusive content)
A Hat in Time (Originally bought on GOG, didn't expect the modding scene to explode like it did before eventually double dipping on Steam)
Freedom Force/VS the Third Reich (Originally bought on Steam, later double-dipped on GOG in an attempt to have a backup library in case Steam goes ka-put)
Postal 2 (See above)
WH40K Sanctus Reach (ditto)


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