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What games would you like to see with RTX? There’s plenty of big budget titles utilizing ray tracing, but what games could benefit from the visual boost?

As someone who loves city builders, I’d really like to have Ray Tracing in Cities: Skylines, Tropico, Surviving Mars, Anno: 1800, and other games where I would love to see reflections off of building windows, bodies of water, and dynamic, high quality shadows rendered as the sun moves around the map.
I think you're asking the wrong question because RTX is a proprietary API for raytracing. What I'd like to see with the more hardware agnostic DXR is actually SoulCalibur VI. There might not be too many instances where it can be properly utilized, but having metallic objects such as Nightmare's Armor or Astaroth's axe render real-time reflections would be a nice treat IMO.

Heck, they could bring back Voldo's money pit for use as a raytracing demo for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PCs with DXR-compliant graphics cards.
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