Gameranx—Genres That Have Vanished

Video lists 10 genres which have dropped a lot from their heyday:
Arcade shooter
Arena shooter
Cinematic Platformer
Extreme Sports
Movie tie-ins
Music & Rhythm
Toys to Life
Vehicular combat

Only one I'd like to see a resurgence for is RTS, the old style which focused on strategy rather than the more tactics-oriented ones which are really RTT. What do you miss?


@PCG Jody did a similar weekend Q 20 months ago:
Weekend Question: What 'dead' genre deserves a comeback?


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Yeah, but today's movie tie-ins aren't released lock-step with the movie. Those old tie-ins were released within a week of the movie's opening day NO MATTER WHAT. Plus, that date probably wasn't all that far away.

Come to think of it, movie tie-ins are really a subgenre of a genre that died: commercial tie-ins. There were games for McDonalds and KFC, too. Those DID have plenty of time - and still reeked.
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Movie Games - But ET was a good game

Now they make movies about games... or people playing games

there aren't any RTS anymore?

light gun shooters died because they relied on crt to work. modern games need bars under screen to pick up gun. Sure they will make a come back if someone notices.

Vehicle combat games? Mario kart still exists, everyone else getting too excited about realism to want to attack drivers at moment. Once realistic graphics is normal they might come back. Isn't that what GTA Online is?

I had to watch video to work out what Toys to life games were... Lego sort of over saturated their market. Can only smash blocks so many times... I didn't get into any of the others.
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