Funny Fails

Jan 6, 2023
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Hi my friends ! Why can't I find a topic with humor on the forum? I decided to create it myself. Throw off your funny moments from all the games here! Let's have a laugh together! :)

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Hey you know what you certainly hit on a good thread line their i have been into gaming since 1982 and i cant honestly think of a single game or in game incident that made me lol.

The nearest i can get is this ..... many years ago i was in a game shop and a young kid asked for some sort of world of warcraft micro payment card. The shop guy said your not old enough .... kid says ok i give my spending money to dad and he will get me one. The stupid shop guy even said you cant do that either .... kid replies i can cos you dont know who my dad is. ......I think the kid won that one.
I watched a guy on Youtube once do an instructional video on how to get into a particular cave in Subnautica Below Zero. He demonstrated his technique of running his sub into some bars (like a jail door) and simultaneously turning the sub sideways. It didn't work for several minutes. Finally, he got through, and he announced, "So that's how you get into the cave" or something like that. So I went into my game a little annoyed that I was going to have to repeat this procedure but before I got to the place, I noticed an opening between a couple of rocks and decided to check it out. It went straight into the cave. No glitching your way in required. What made me laugh was that making a video of doing something that completely missed the obvious seemed exactly like something I would do.
Jan 20, 2023
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One of the most memorable funny moments for me was in Arma 3. My friend and I had spent a good chunk of time hiking to this town where our objective was to capture an officer. We botched the ambush and were bombarded with constant rifle fire. My friend was stuck in a building so in a rare moment of competence I successfully flanked around and eliminated 70% of the enemies. After that we moved in close to the officer who was hiding by a little house. We went around the left gate into the area and took down the remaining soldiers who were trying to camouflage inside the ground. Thinking we were safe we rushed to the officer but before we could reach him a sniper fired from the building we had just left. Not thinking, I tossed a frag grenade at the building and jogged to cover. When I threw the grenade the officer had been running away. I guess the officer didn’t want to be captured so he turned 180° and rushed towards the grenade (and, er, crouched on it). My friend and I both saw the ”Objective failed: Officer killed” at the same time and once I explained what happened we both just burst out laughing. We completely failed the mission (that’s how most of our missions end actually…) and wasted a good 45 minutes but that moment of pure hilarity made it all worth it.
Ok so i dug deep and remember 2 very old funnies.

A spectrum game called Valhalla ... if you type f*** Mary a little figure would go on screen and punch you.

The spectrum version of the text adventure called the hobbit ... it struggled to recognise what you were typing and its responses were really funny. Your hiding in an empty barrel , the butler drinks the barrel and throws the wine down the cellar , gandalf floats down the river...... he was not even with me lol.

Computer and video games magazine ran a competition for the first person to prove they had done it. I had to do the print out in sections to show a full run through because the bugged spell checker would stop you in your tracks but were talking 1982 technology


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