Funny Fails

Jan 6, 2023
Hi my friends ! Why can't I find a topic with humor on the forum? I decided to create it myself. Throw off your funny moments from all the games here! Let's have a laugh together! :)

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Hey you know what you certainly hit on a good thread line their i have been into gaming since 1982 and i cant honestly think of a single game or in game incident that made me lol.

The nearest i can get is this ..... many years ago i was in a game shop and a young kid asked for some sort of world of warcraft micro payment card. The shop guy said your not old enough .... kid says ok i give my spending money to dad and he will get me one. The stupid shop guy even said you cant do that either .... kid replies i can cos you dont know who my dad is. ......I think the kid won that one.