Fun games to play with a keyboard and mouse?

Sep 1, 2021
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Really looking for single player campaign games that are fun to play with a keyboard and mouse. Many games that I like (hollow knight, dark souls, a few ps3 games) require a ton of keybinds (meaning they are easier to play with a controller) and that is why I can't play them much because I don't have a controller atm. Any genre is fine, as long as it will run on a r5 3600 + 16 gigs of ram + a gt 710 2gb. Thanks!
Diablo comes to mind, can play it almost completely with just a mouse. Many Action RPG are the same. Torchlight 2 could be played almost entirely from mouse.

CPU & Ram mean you only really restricted by the GT 710... I assume you want something better but reality got in way.


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Everything that's not a fighting game? Oh, and Jedi: Fallen Order. I found I played that one a lot better with a controller. Everything else is mouse/keyboard - including the Yakuza games, which specifically tell you to play with a controller.

It isn't just lots of keybinds that push me toward a controller. A controller has, what? 16 possible presses if you aren't combining keys? It's having several keys AND needing to use the mouse a lot, so my left hand gets overloaded. If you're playing a turn based game, you can put both hands on the keyboard with easy access to 101 keys!