Question For sale - CRT TV - can I list?

I'm no admin, but if you look at the forum rules that are sticky at the top of the forum it says:

  • Spam. Commercial spam is handled with a zero tolerance policy. No posting links to any commercial service or product if you are personally affiliated. Official representatives may be present, but will be expressly indicated from their profile. Do not post/comment to advertise or promote.
  • ....
  • Sales, trades, and other exchanges are disallowed.

So that's a hard no to selling your stuff on here :) There are other forums and sites for that of course.
Welcome to the forums @harivoy. As of now and which @Oussebon pointed out, that is not allowed on our forums. You can find the forum rules here. Thank you for pointing out that there is no classified forum on this site, as this is something that has been brought to staff attention and may or may not change in the future.
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Ah yes, light guns, forgot about those. Judging by the pile of CRTs down the local tip, the retro gaming scene's not that big in Bournemouth.

I mean yeah... Retro is big... but not big enough to sustain the number of these things probably still floating around.... Well they are so heavy they don't really float either.....