February 24, 2023. Quite a week for gaming. Quite the month for gaming.

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In the last 5 days:

2/20 Atomic Heart: Peak concurrent: 38,469
2/23 Company of Heroes: Concurrent: Peak concurrent so far: 36,646
2/23 Sons of the Forest: Peak concurrent: 350,105
2/24 (two hours ago) Kerbal Space Program 2: Peak concurrent so far: 25, 724

Not quite as big, but still popular:
2/24 Octopath Traveler II: Releasing in 2 hours
2/21 Like a Dragon: ishin!

And, of course, previously from this month, Hogwarts Legacy with peak concurrent of 879,308 (lower than it could have been since there was a staggered release)

Also, less than a month ago but in January was the Dead Space remake.
I'm hoping to play it this weekend. My son was nuts about The Forest, and I don't want to play without him, or I'd already have played it.

Im thinking of doing the same, my son was talking about it and hes a huge Terraria fan (the only game it says is similar to my library when looking sons of the forest up) so i might be picking up two copies soon.

I'd also like to add that there is a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo which peaked at 57k (around 10k now) yesterday for those into Dark Souls / Nioh games. The demo is getting a lot of negative feedback though looking at the discussions page on steam. I tried it and its fun to a point. It ran ok for me too but its so Dark Souls-y at the boss i stopped before i got mad lol.
Hey, look at Civ4:

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