Far Cry 6 - play for free [08/05-08/07]

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Post your experiences here:

Bye all, see you Monday.

PS oh darn, it needs installing—oh well, guess I'm here for another hour.

Edit 1: it's 4% done…

Edit 2: it's 9% done…

Edit 3: it's 15% done…
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Putting this here rather than in the other thread, since it hopefully doesn't happen in the full retail game.

Keyboard Keys Broken

The 'break' is the same for C and S, minimizing the game to Taskbar. No crash, no other problem, click on Taskbar icon and continue playing.
I searched around, don't see others with the problem.

Broken ~50% of the time until I unbound it from 'Crouch Toggle'. It's now the Camera key, and working fine. Left-Ctrl is now 'Crouch Toggle', working perfectly.

Breaks most of the time when I press it in quick succession—typically after poking out from cover to take a shot, and now want to hide again. It's fine in general use, only ~4 quick presses breaks it.

Using this melee key once early on—attacked by a boar, no other weapon—managed to freeze the screen, but not the action. Ie I couldn't move, but the boar kept whacking me and reducing my health.

I'm not too clear on it as it happened only a few times in that one fight, but if I recall correctly it unfroze fairly quickly, say 2-3 seconds, from wiggling the mouse. I haven't used F much since, only to break down a few barriers, and it's been fine. If it isn't one off, it's likely to be rapid pressing again—ie typical melee fight situation—like with the S key.

Anyway, just mentioning it, we'll see how it develops in tonight's session.
It's now the Camera key, and working fine
Spoke too soon, that was flaky in today's session, taking game to Taskbar ~25% of the time.

Also, lost ability to activate my good pal Guapo—croc sidekick, pic in other thread—via the G key for a while. Just stopped working in the middle of the session for ~10 minutes, then came back of its own accord—no discernable cause for either event.

Just once over the 2 sessions, this broke to Taskbar.

Windows 10 21H1 with latest updates, Keyboard is Roccat Isku wired via USB. KB works fine in everything else, and my guess is 99.9% it's not a KB issue since a number of controls are broke at the same time.

I'm finished my play of this free trial—the above issues obviously didn't help, but I was able to play along without too much frustration. If no one else has experienced these issues, I'll write it off as one of those mysterious one-off gremlins we all know and love :)
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