EA sports games played on laptops

Hi everyone,
I am hoping that you can help with a question. It is regarding EA sports titles which I normally play on the PS4.
I have a new laptop on the way. I normally play Madden/NHL/FIFA on the PS4 but wondered whether any of you play these games on a laptop instead. Pros? Cons? Stick to my PS4 (even though the PS5 is coming out this year.)? How do you find playing these games on the laptop compared to a console? What controller do you plug into your laptop if you do play these games on the laptop? I appreciate all your replies.
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OsaX Nymloth

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EA Sports titles aren't really demanding, so as long as your laptop have some ok-ish processor and dedicated graphic card, you should have smooth experience. How smooth depends on laptop's specs, including matrix type.

As for controller, well you can buy anything that's compatibile and plug & play via USB port.

You realize you will need to buy these games again, right? As far as I know there's no way to transfer EA games between platforms.
Hi OsaX Nymloth thanks for your reply. It is much appreciated. I am not are what 'matrix type' means but the laptop has an Nvidia RTX 2060 which I am hoping is ok for run these games. Is there a particular controller which would be similar to a regular PS4 controller?
Oh yes I totally know that you cannot transfer these games; it took Sony long enough to make their PS2 games compatible on newer consoles!

OsaX Nymloth

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With RTX 2060 on board you will be able to play just anything in highest settings, so no worry here.
For the matrix - it boils down to 60hz vs 144hz or even higher refresh rate and which resolution. Even if it will be 1440p with 144hz refresh rate, you'll have smooth experience.

As for controller, I am afraid I can't help you - the only controller I ever bought is apparently "more like xbox one" and I only had it because of Dark Souls, I am 99% mouse & keyboard user.
Maybe somebody else with have some recommendations for this. If not, just take a look what's available on the market from known manufacturers like Logitech for example.

All good then!
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