Dyson Sphere Program

I must confess I never much cared for games like Factorio or Satisfactory. The idea of automating a production process didn't appeal to me at all and screenshots of those games often showed an extremely cluttered playing field where everything is a jumbled mess and nothing seems to make sense anymore. I always thought games like this wouldn't be for me, but then a friend recently introduced me to Dyson Sphere Program. I sat and watched as he was streaming the game on Discord and talking about it as he went along. I thought it looked very appealing, sporting a clean user interface and a lovely art style. I decided to jump off the deep end and picked it up.

I haven't been outside in 3 days, please send help.



Seriously, I'm really enjoying it so far. It's extremely difficult for me as a complete newcomer to the genre to get to grips with its complexity and the sheer amount of stuff that you can research and build. The conveyor belt spaghetti is real sometimes, but to its credit the game does what it can to ease you into proceedings despite its awful Chinese-to-English translation. It has a charm to it that's just so irresistable to me, and watching my friend as he's shooting solar sails into space is just mesmerising. If you haven't tried this game, I recommend that you do and if you have, I would love to hear your thoughts!
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It looks like an interesting game. But being a huge factorio fan, and having played a good bit of satisfactory, I don't think I can keep myself interested without some sort of looming threat like biters that Factorio has. That little bit of added tension really adds quite a bit to the experience and keeps it from becoming too dull, as well as making you get even more creative and solve emerging problems as it progresses. I have heard that something like that is in the works for this game, but haven't really found too much on it.

I will say though that even without that, this looks pretty cool. Taking it beyond the global scale and working in other planets and the such brings a lot of new logistics to solve and I'm definitely going to be paying attention to how this one progresses.


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