Does GameBarPresenceWriter.exe have any performance impact in gaming under Windows 10?

There are youtube videos such as this
that show how to disable Game Bar from the windows game bar settings, group policy editor or via the registry editor. This seems to be known to cause frame rate performance drops under Windows 10 and has to be disabled manually every time you freshly install Windows 10.

However, the problem is that GameBarPresenceWriter.exe still runs in the background when launching certain games despite disabling Game Bar.

Anyway, the question I want to know is whether this GameBarPresenceWriter.exe has any impact on frame rate? Assuming it is only innocently running in the background in Task Manager and is only taking 700KB in RAM. This is a process that does not exist in Windows 7 or 8.1 and is Windows 10 exclusive and seems to run silently in the background when launching certain games that seem to be Game Bar DVR supported.

I don't understand why this still runs despite disabling Game Bar. But anyway, if it isn't actually doing any harm that would be fine. But I am confused because someone on the Left 4 Dead 2 Steam forum said that manually ending this task process after minimizing their game normalized game performance. Now of-course this depends on whether they really disabled Game Bar using this method outlined in this video. If disabling Game Bar using this method solves the problem so that even if GameBarPresenceWriter.exe runs in the background I won't be too worried.

But I need clarity on this. Can anyone confirm that this process is completely innocent of producing performance drops in games even after disabling Game Bar DVR?
Do you have any reason to believe it is causing inadequate performance for you, personally? :)

If not, I would suggest ignoring it.

Poking around in the registry, changing folder permissions, etc can end up causing more harm than good / booby-trapping your system for later down the line. e.g. should you ever do something that (MS have decided) depends on that process.
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There is evidence that GameBar does induce reduced frame rates and even crashes in certain games. Because countless videos show that GameBar causes frame rate drops and disabling that from the settings and registry does no harm, provided you are doing exactly as followed in the video guidelines. Most people in these videos have given it 1K like and very few dislikes which suggest that indeed Game Bar is the culprit.

There are no folder permission changes, only the registry number from a 1 to a 0 for Game Bar. Of-course you can always revert back the changes to what they were before if problems do occur.

As you can see from the Task Manager of my screenshot. For example in this instance I was playing Pool Nation FX a pool game on Steam. When I minimize my game and quickly go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc you will see that under the Processes and Details tabs Gamebar Presence Writer as a file process is still running in the background and it is located in C:\Windows\System32.

After you exit your game you have to immediately launch your Task Manager or else it will disappear before you knew about it.

Now of-course I have no problems with it running silently as long as it is not doing any harm. But I still question why it is running in the background despite disabling Game Bar! And my dilemma was whether it was still contributing to performance drops even though I admit I am not experiencing issues with my games.
It's possible some people still have issues with it. And that even if they don't a future update will create a new problem. However, it's also possible that won't be the case - or that even if it is, it won't affect you.


even though I admit I am not experiencing issues with my games.

Leave it alone if you're not currently having problems with it :)
Many thanks. I have decided to leave the settings as they are. Actually for the benefit of the doubt I left Game Bar DVR disabled from the settings and group policy editor as these won't break anything.

But I guess as for the GameBarPresenceWriter.exe I'll leave it for now and won't tinker with that. It's only consuming 300-900KB RAM and no CPU usage. Most of the games and newer titles don't trigger it to run in the background anyway.

I suppose if this process actually doesn't do any harm and is only superficially running in the background then there's nothing to worry about.
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