Do you pursue romance in RPG's?

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Jan 26, 2022
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Not as a rule but sometimes. The Witcher, I collected a few cards. The Witcher 2 I think I got them all including Triss. The Witcher III Nor so much except for the Brothels as you got XP. 2 points, but XP is XP. Then there was Yenifer and a couple others. Haven't pursued it in ME. Not aware of it being an option on any of the others I have played. Suppose someone may have come up with a Mod or two.
I usually start off taking an interest but I feel that they are such a poor representation of the real thing that they are a waste of time. However if there are XP or prizes then that keeps me going for a while. So probably not so different from the last few posters.
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I was tempted to ask a question about what you thought my morality was (using street language)??? Then I realised that perhaps the same question could be asked of many other posters. Don't fancy being banned so early on.
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