Question Do you guys know offline RPG game that similar to MMORG?

Jul 10, 2023
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So I really loved to play ragnarok, but I can't keep up with the daily events. That's why I need a game that close to it.
It have:
  • Leveling system
  • Grinding monsters
  • Equipment enhancing
Do you guys have any idea?
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You might take a look at Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning . It was originally designed to be an MMO, then the studio ran into difficulties and for some reason made a single player game out of it. But it's really fun with varied class builds, leveling up, lots of grind in a wide variety of environments. It also has pretty decent lore for a game with such a troubled development.

There isn't any real equipment enhancing, but there's a ton of different loot, so you're always finding better & better equipment as you level up (much like Diablo). It's also under $15 right now if you grab it before the Steam Summer Sale is over.



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Well, every RPG has some sort of levelling system. A few make it a little weird by levelling your equipment instead of your character, but it plays the same.

Grinding, though.... ummm.... my definition of "grinding monsters" would be that you're fighting monsters even though you aren't having fun with it anymore. I can't imagine why you would want to do something you don't find fun, so maybe you mean something else?

Crafting is pretty common but definitely not universal.

I'll take some shots:

The 'monster hunter' style of gameplay is to fight big monsters, then incorporate their parts into your weapons so you can fight even more powerful monsters.

I'm pushing it calling this an RPG, but I think it has enough leveling and skills to count. Great story once it gets off the ground (literally - the story starts to get good once you climb up a tower).

Still the best RPG there is, as far as I know. I know there's crafting, but I can't remember if you can enhance things you've crafted or not.
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