Do you go for critical or base damage builds?

Do you go for Critical Damage chance or Base damage builds?

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It depends a bit on what the chance for a critical can get to, but I usually just go with base damage, even though in every game I've ever played it seems that everyone else is running a critical build. In Vermintide, for instance, the critical chance is so low that you can kill more people faster with higher base damage. It seems nuts to me to waste an entire build for that 5 to 10 percent chance that you might critical.

Warframe was different. You could guarantee a critical with the right build. I absolutely went critical in Warframe.
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Try to remember next time.

I normally go for base damage as gear comes and goes, so having a large number to work from and then adding chance to it seems to work better.
Reminds me of Diablo 4 where people were stacking crit chance and then Blizzard just nerfed it...

relying on one thing can be dangerous if its a multi player game. It can always change.

this weapon is dangerous as it hurts you while you use it

Oddly I thought it had more crit damage than it does... which is none. that constant depletion of life sure stops you using it too much.

I should play this game again... not like it pushed GPU to limits... only 200fps that time.
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yeah base damage is usually what i go for. Part of the problem is that unless you can perform loads of criticals reliably, you're investment won't work. of course there are plenty of variables, such as if you throw load of projectiles and each attack is potential to critical then the chances are much higher and more worth it. But the flip side, until you get increased criticals, you might be having a rough time for a while.
Critical for sure, but avoid using the BFGs just to keep it interesting. With multiple enemies tracking me, I need to be able to take selected one out asap—2-3 shots taken on each of 2-3 different enemies is a sure way to RIP as the rest will be swarming by then.

This is especially the case with mechanicals—in FC6 tanks usually take 3 different attacks to eliminate, and if you miss any of them, it's probably better to run away and regroup. APCs aren't as tough, but still need 2 explosive arrows to disable—bow is single-shot slow loading weapon, so again gotta get it right first time.

The doozy is attach choppers, for which I dedicate 1 weapon and 1 piece of gear—RAT4 guided missile launcher and the Gloves which add damage against flying vehicles. The RAT takes 2 missiles to drop a chopper—it would be 3 without the Gloves.

I avoid EMP grenades or arrows as I find them OP like the BFGs, but that's a personal limitation—they would be the optimal choice if I was going all-out efficient. Along with copious use of explosives.

In short, Critical is critical :)
I don't like depending on chance. Especially in turn based games I'd much rather have a high base damage than a small chance of an even stronger critical hit. Especially if the cost of loss is higher than the reward for success.

However, when you do a lot of attacks, especially against a single enemy, it really only matters what your average DPS is and crit chance and crit multiplier just raise that average.
I can read question this way:
Do you use 2 handed weapons that rely on a big hit as they normally slower than 1 handed weapons
Do you use up to 2 1 handed weapons at a time and rely on lots of hits in the same time...

2 handers generally don't get built as crit builds. Sure, their base damage if it crits can be massive, most times you can't rely on a crit if you have slow attacks.
1 handed weapons, based on speed and doing less damage than 2 handers, can take advantage of crit chance/damage to increase their output.
i never did get to use this combo


though once again, no crit... I never really build around it. Although in this game, it was ranged that did most of the crit damage.

Or use the 3rd option, let game play for you (refer any necromancer builds)

why fight when my swords will for me?
In Nightingale I've done both, as I have both a ranged and a melee weapon, and also because critical works differently. You always (and only) get a critical if you hit a weak spot or the head. For my melee I've gone base damage, but my range for bosses is as critical as I can make it since I only want to hit weak spots in boss fights.