Do i need these settings on

I am using a game called Satisfactory..

Ok so in all the games i have every played i have never seen hierarchial z buffering occlusion or lod dithering listed in settings , some postings say they use a lot of process power and maybe what increase temps in gpu so do i really need them
Did a little reading about this.

The first option (Z buffer) sounds like it can help improve performance when:
  1. You have a reasonably recent graphics card (last 6 years or so?)
  2. and you build walls/roofs on your factories
From: View:

So if these conditions are true I would actually leave this option on.

The second option (dithering) seems to be to make objects in game look nicer as you get closer and it becomes more-detailed (and vice versa). So you can probably turn it off if you have performance options.
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