Question Do I need a better graphic card or monitor?

Nov 29, 2020
My son wants a better gaming monitor for his PC. He currently has an Asus Vg248 monitor. His graphic card is a GeForce RTX 2070 Super. He’d like an Asus Rog Strix XG27UQ monitor. They’re darn expensive and I’m wondering if he’d get the benefit of this monitor with his current graphic card? Or should I spend the $ on a graphic card instead of the monitor? My budget would be a max of $1,000. Thank you. And if there’s a good monitor recommendation in addition to the XG27UQ, I‘d appreciate that as well!
Nov 29, 2020
I think an high end monitor or an monitor above your current one would be quite suitable for your son. He already has an really high end graphic card, and in order to support that high end graphic card, you shall need a high end monitor. But looking at your current monitor specs, it seems that the monitor he has supports the graphic card already, and is most likely taking full potential of it. I honestly do not believe he needs anything. Sorry. But again, it is near christmas and all so it does make sense to get him an christmas gift, so i would think this Benq 4k monitor would be good for him, as it is affordable and does support 4K etc and your graphic card. Here is the link mate.

Oct 2, 2020
looking at the specs of these monitors, your son wants a 4k 27" one to replace his 1080p smaller one.

given the cost of the screen and going 4k, his 2070 super would struggle in some games unless he reduced the settings.

i would recommend looking at a cheaper 4k monitor and finding a new RTX 30x0 for your budget
Jan 14, 2020
The Asus Rog Strix XG27UQ is a 4k 144hz monitor. Even a RTX 3080 wouldn't be enough to get 144 fps.
Even if you could get a RTX3080 at the moment you don't have enough money left over for a 4k 60hz G-Sync Monitor.

Even Freesync monitors that have been tested by NVIDIA and deemed G-Sync compatible are either out of stock or upwards of $800 for 4k models.

Freesync monitors are generally a lot cheaper than G-Sync ones but you need an AMD card to support variable refresh rates.

The Ben-Q monitor linked above is really cheap but not good. It has a fixed refresh of 60hz and is a TN monitor. So you either get 60fps, get screen tearing if it dips, fix the fps to 30 if games support it or turn on V-Sync.

I would say that the sweet spot for gaming at the moment is high refresh (144hz) 1440p (QHD) IPS monitors with a low response time. You could buy a decent monitor with money left over. Your existing RTX 2070 Super is a reasonable card for this type of monitor.

When RTX 3070 or even RT3060ti cards become available you could upgrade the card then, perhaps as a birthday present?
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Nov 29, 2020
Thank you! We have a local PC Gamer build store here in Des Moines, so I think I'll take your info with me to the store and see what they have that could fit the bill.


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