Devs the TV Series

Has anyone seen the show Devs?

If you have seen the show Devs, have you played through the game SOMA?

Haven't watched Devs, which I assume is at least partially about Frictional Games?

I have played SOMA and man, what a ride that was. It's a bit of a bummer they felt the need to add 'combat', for lack of a better word. That game would have been as good or maybe better without it, but the twists and turns of the story had me hooked! The final act made a massive impact on me and I was very impressed with the package as a whole. Addressing philosophical questions is something video games as a medium are particularly well suited for, because they can make you 'feel' the repercussions of morality/immorality, as it were.

SOMA knew exactly what it wanted to say and said it with confidence.
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Haha, actually it's a standalone tv series from the guy who made Ex Machina. The reason I mentioned SOMA is because of some of the parallels in its plot and philosophies. It's a show that makes you take a step back and think just like SOMA did, so I'd highly recommend it.

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