Fallout TV Show Discussion

This thread is to talk about the Fallout TV show just released on Amazon Prime.

I saw the first two episodes last night and so far it’s fantastic. I really like how it’s accessible for anyone to watch but throws in tons of references and Easter eggs for the game fans. One thing that made me loudly chuckle was the fact that the Stimpaks use the exact same sound effect as the games.

The cinematography is this shows strongest point. Every shot is gorgeous, showcasing the Wasteland and the Vaults in amazing detail. The actors are all great, especially Walton Goggin as The Ghoul. I really like how the entire soundtrack is classic golden oldies just like the radio in the games.

Overall I’m in love with it and I can’t wait to watch more. At one point I started to think about my first time ever playing Fallout 3 some 15 years ago and how FNV was one of the most pivotal games in my life, playing that was the game I feel like turned me into a “true gamer”. Very great for fans and non-fans alike.
Watched the season in one setting, that is how good the show was. Walton Goggins as you mentioned does an amazing job as Cooper Howard. He brings all the rust, death, gore, dark humor and the type of personality you believe would survive in such a harsh wasteland. I also love the synergy between him and Lucy Maclean with her being this innocent person and him willing to kill her without flinching. Ella Purnell who playsMaclean does a great job at slowly transforming, like how you as a player start like an innocent person walking outside the vault for the first time. She is cannon fodder, she just does not know it, and that makes for some hilarious scenes with her trying to share her good moral values from her sheltered upbringing.

The whole Brotherhood of Steel buildup was ok, but I thought Maximus portrayed by Aaron Moten was the less interesting part of the cast. That might be due to his character not being developed into what Maximus will become, but it felt a bit off and not as convincing as other characters in the series.

The series also looks great, everything from the costumes to the different parts of the guns looks like it belongs in the Fallout universe. I particularly loved that they included stuff like stim packs and the hacking and reading log files from the computer terminals. There is some other cool stuff, but I don't want to spoil that.
Have only watched 1 episode so far too and its pretty good. I think this is probably one of the best game-to-screen adaptation, there are a lot of little easter eggs even in the first one. Ill come back and edit this when i finish it, but so far its first episode did a good job setting up the season.

Finished Update:

Wow, this was great, as someone who played all the fallouts except Fallout 76, they put a TON of easter eggs into this one down to dialogue and how they go about their quest. The acting was great from the whole cast, even the guest appearances like Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) and H. Jon Benjamin (voice of Archer, Bob in bobs burgers).

They nailed the atmosphere, the soundtrack even the brutal gritty-ness. I would say that this is probably my favorite adaptaion of a game to screen. The Last of Us is also up there, its a great adaptation of a game, but this Fallout series is more... "gamey" and therefore harder, imo, to nail as a live adaptation and Christopher Nolan did a good job here.
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I watched the whole season and REALLY enjoyed it.

As a result, I decided to buy the game on Steam. I picked up Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Haven't been able to get Fallout 3 to run on my Win 11 game rig yet. Started Fallout 4 and will look at 76 later.

Fallout 4 starts a little slow...Haven't died yet, but give it a minute as me and my trusty dog look for a kidnapped youngin'.
@COLGeek it took a little tweaking for me. I think for some reason last time I launched it through the nvidia program. It's been a while so don't quote me on that.

The show was great. As a long time Fallout player the randomness and stupidity felt like the Wild Wasteland trait was picked. I told my sis about it and her and my mom finished it up last night. I never thought my 70 year old mom would be watching it, let alone loving it from what I hear.

I've been interested in it since they posted the actors who were going to be in it and even though I wasn't sure about some of them, they did a great job. Honestly a good example of how to make a bonkers show, but also make something from a game with enough lore and history that you can build onto it or journey into that world.

Also Walton Goggins as the Ghoul is dope.