Question Deleting main OS for reinstallation

Oct 10, 2021
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Hello All,
I had just booted up my 1st PC build. I was able to play games and everything on it. But then realized that I accidentally installed my OS (Windows 10) onto my HDD.
I am willing to wipe everything off both drives and start all over again. I just don't know how; the BIOS is a bit intimidating for me to navigate if anyone can help out.
I am trying to reinstall my OS to use my SSD as my primary drive. I don't think I need to unplug my HDD b/c there is a 1 TB difference, and i will be able to ID it on my option to choose.
I am using the ASUS TUF UEFI BIOS, how would I go about completely removing my OS from my PC?
Thanks for any help.
Welcome to the forum :)

Format both drives.
I don't think I need to unplug my HDD
I recommend you do so, just to be sure.
Check your motherboard manual if there's a specific slot—eg SATA slot—where you should connect the C: drive. That's where you want to connect the SSD—if no instruction, then connect it to the first slot which may be numbered 0 or 1.

Then install Windows on C: like you did originally.
Now reattach the HDD and it should be found when you boot up.

That's it. You should now be ready to reinstall your software and games, and copy any backed-up files to your HDD.

In case there's anything new about your system which I don't know about, I recommend you supply the hardware info asked for in this post:
The experts here can then look that over, and correct any of my instructions which are invalid because of your hardware—those instructions would work for my system, but it's 4 years old now and I'm not familiar with any changes needed for newer hardware, like eg NVMe drives.

You shouldn't need to involve the BIOS, formatting should be enough—but wait for confirmation by someone else before you start the job. Good luck! :)


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