Custom Mouse Pad?

Jan 14, 2020
Has anyone here ordered a customized mouse pad with a graphic of their own choice? I was thinking of getting one of those big ones, 31" x 12", or somewhere around that size.


-=- Boris


Apr 13, 2020
I built my own keyboard gaming board and acquired a generic no-graphics 31" x 12" I think I got it on eBay but I forget at the moment. Anyway, it worked out well except since I had so much real estate now, I began to eat on it while gaming. Good think the material is washable ;)
Mar 7, 2021
I ordered once a mouse pad from Amazon, it was pretty good but after a year I had to order another one and couldn't find on Amazon a mouse pad with anime characters so I ordered from another site. I'm a huge fan of anime, I've been watching it for 5 years, I have a lot of manga and many cute things from japan like toys, teacups, and even a pillow with anime characters which I ordered from this site I've learned a lot of things from anime like kindness, friendship, helping others. My favorite ones are Naruto and Hiiro no Kkakera.
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Im trying to order one of Linus's mousepads, they look pretty cool but have been out for a while now, they had a nice selection.


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