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two initials, thousands of games, its amazing its only 2 games really.... looks for more... internet seems to think cs2 = counter strike 2 so I can see why he used that.

I wonder if its based on recent usage as I would expect there to be more games with those initials. Will Cities Skylines 2 overpower Counter Strike 2... a completely unintentional war between 2 games over who gets the name on Google Search.

MW3... is that Mechwarrior 3 or Modern Warfare 3?
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Played last night for the first time.

Pros - Looks great, improved sound effects, love the new smoke mechanics.
Cons - Some of my fav levels are currently unavailable, had to redo all the keybinds again (minor), the buy menus are taking some getting used to, and I CAN'T GET BOOSTED ON THE BALCONY IN ITALY WTF!

Overall pretty great though.
It's always a bit tricky to tell with these teasers, isn't it? 😅 But regardless, we can all agree that the anticipation for CS 2 is through the roof!
its out already
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