Could a water cooling system fit into this case?


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Jan 17, 2020
You might be able to fit this one, but would need to measure out that spot below your psu. However, for that setup you would likely do just as well with a push/pull setup on a passive heat sink like this one. Now if you are talking about a customer water loop, I'm not sure you could fit a tank, pump, and radiator in without cutting some holes.
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Jan 13, 2020
A 120mm AIO might fit in your case, mayyyyyyybe a 240mm if you moved the hard drive to another location. But I agree with @MaddMann , I don't think you need one.

What CPU are you running? I'm guessing an i5-8600 or an i7-8700? Even if its an i7, looking at the setup of your case, I would recommend just getting a decent air cooler. AIO water coolers really don't have much (if any) advantage over decent air coolers until you get to 240mm or larger, which I'm not sure you can fit in that case.

I'm not sure what pricing is like in Brazil, so I can't recommend a specific one, but any cooler with a decent sized heatsink and a 120mm fan should outperform the stock intel cooler.
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