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  1. L

    Airflow PC

    I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out? Will it affect the video card if it draws hot air from the HDD slot into the video card? Thermaltake versa n24. photo...
  2. R

    Question What is the best pc mid tower case for my hardware?

    Hello I need to upgrade my pc case to something of higher quality and more ventilation than my current case. I have been recommended a Cooler Master MASTERBOX E501 based on my hardware which includes MSI Z270 Tomahawk, GTX 1060 6GB, I7 7700k and 16GB RAM. I am also hoping to upgrade to a RTX...
  3. Molin

    Could a water cooling system fit into this case?

    Here are some pics: View: https://imgur.com/a/eFKTxiw I'm from Brazil and I couldn't find any description of the case written in English. There's little info of it online as well and no mention of water cooling support. Just let me know what you think or if you need more info on it.
  4. Ch4rlieboy

    Looking for Lian Li pc 60 case

    Hello all im currently looking for a Lian Li case the pc 60 usb model could someone please help me look for this? I would really like to buy this case!
  5. tommyp796

    Is there an ultimate PC case for me??

    Is there an ultimate PC case for me??? I found Phanteks EVOLV X. its got dust filters, (not sure about airflow), Efficient use of space, nice style and glass side panels. but it is quite expensive. Is there no-one else? Is there any other contender that can blow my mind? ATX and/or micro-ATX...