Control - Standard or Ultimate?


BTW I'm also interested in your opinion on the game!

Considering I already have it for free - do you think it's such a good game that it's worth buying another copy to upgrade?

I have the standard edition of Control that I got free from Epic Games recently.
I'm wondering how much of an upgrade is the Ultimate Edition in comparison?

For reference - I have a 3070 TI - so I want the best experience in general...

Please note I am mostly interested in things which actually add to gameplay, better graphics, extra solo campaign levels/playtime (that is actually decent), new game mechanics that don't make it too easy but more interesting etc.

Not going to pay extra just for trinkets and clothing and multiplayer maps that no one ever plays etc (unless they are popular/populated).

So should I wait for a good price on the Ultimate edition or just play the Standard?

Also - is there a Control Standard Edition to Ultimate Edition upgrade

Thank you for your time
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As far as I know, the only difference in the Ultimate Edition on PC is that it includes the DLC. On console I think it got some graphical enhancements as well.

I don't know if the DLC expansions are worth the extra money or not because I couldn't finish the game due to the checkpoint save system. I was only playing for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, and every time I logged back in, I'd lost 15 to 20 minutes of progress. I was basically playing the same parts over and over again, having to go through conversations again, etc. It was too frustrating for me. It's a great game other than that.


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The game is great! It's an interesting world they've set up and the combat is dynamite!

The Foundation DLC is quite good. It's an additional story that you play after the main game is done.

AWE DLC is OK, but it's also something of an advertisement for Alan Wake, which I didn't like much. It's worth playing through if you get it for free, but I wouldn't pay more than a dollar or two for it.

Expeditions is a "free DLC" which adds some challenging combat scenarios. You put a token in a jukebox, then get whisked off to someplace off the map to fight a whole bunch of nasties. I didn't play around with that one all that much.

Both of the paid DLCs should be done late game or after the game has finished. Does Epic allow you to buy them later in some sort of bundle? If so, just play the base game then add the DLC later if you're enjoying the game.