Confused with AOI mount on top.

Mar 30, 2023
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I have MSI MAG CORELIQUID 240R V2 and I want to mount on top of my case (I know - top mount is not the optimal for this particular model, but still). And I want that hot air from the case would be exhausted through top of the case.

Could you elaborate have if I mounted my fans on radiator correctly that is racks of the fan facing radiator (and main logo facing down)

Or should I flip it and have racks facing the bottom ?
Most fans are are blowing in the direction you have them mounted but there are exeptions. You can try and look for a tiny indicator on the fan housing and see if there is an arrow or similar pointing in the airflow direction, not all fans have them but many do. The ammount of fans that blow the the other way around are quite limited i think so you are probably ok.
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There are other ways you can tell.

Often the label side of the fan is the rear. as well as the frame that holds the engine of the fan is on thee rear side.

Front of a Noctua fan

rear of a Noctua fan

I replaced all the fans in my PC in January so I sort of had to know. Noctua do have the arrows on side as well. (above is an old spare noctua I had lying around, the ones in PC are the black chromax like below)

Front of fan = where it sucks air in
Rear is the exhaust side
I can always see the rear of my corsair fans since the AIO on pull
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