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Feb 18, 2024
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Ok new guy here. So I use EVO Core mechanical keyboards, a pink roll up keyboard, and a membrane keyboard. My family found me the 3 or 4 mechanical EVO Core they bought them for me. So Why are mechanical keyboards so popular. I git told you only buy cheap once then get the most expensive. No if mine does the same thing that the other one does so then why buy a expensive?

So which one do you use and why do you enjoy it?

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Welcome to the forum!

Its honestly just personal choice at this point. Mechanical keyboards allow you to swap keys and use switches which is its main selling point and its reason why its more expensive than other keyboards. It provides a good sound when typing and then, for me personally, i find mechanical keyboards more responsive and more comfortable to use when playing multiplayer. Mechanical keyboards are also a lot sturdier than a membrane because they are made with metal, usually.

Membrane keyboards are quieter, sleeker and more affordable.

Quick google search found me a good Q&A about the differences, but in the end its always personal choice.