Christmas movie thread

No Christmas without some movies putting the Christmas joy into our souls. Ho, ho, hoooooooooooo!

So, I'll begin this jolly thread with a jolly good Christmas movie about some critters that knows exactly how to spread the joy of Christmas. Better hide the water and bring some egg nod for this one:


Do you have a jolly Christmas movie to share?
Aug 1, 2020
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My so far fav. movies to watch during holiday based on Viking's 'Yule' celebration & Winter Solstice are: Bad Santa & kinda it's sequel are ones that recommend. Then couple that are more family friendly: Trapped in Paradise & Xmas Chronicles :unsure: Hopefully people wont' do huge loads of consuming gen. goods during the holiday cause this Third Rock from the Star has enough harmful plastic waste. Good movies time to everyone & hope that many watch digital format rather than boxed.


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