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Nov 25, 2019
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We've seen a whole boatload of great threads recently and we want to show our appreciation for the awesome content thread starters are bringing to the community with custom titles!

Post Good Threads -> Enjoy Good Posts -> Get A Spotlight and Custom Title!

Wanted: Thread or Alive*

Over the next few weeks we'll be on the hunt for the finest of forum threads - those that ask great questions and spark discussion or are just plain creative. We'd love for you to share your favourites in this thread with us and let us know why they deserve recognition.

At the end of the month, we'll give a shout-out to the community's favourites and lavish the thread starters with handcrafted, artisanal forum titles forged from dreams and the power of friendship. (OK, we'll type them into a text field, but where's the magic in that?)

If you have dynamite discussions, cool questions or just some good dumb fun to share with the community post it up!

*"Thread or Alive" might not work, but I can't let it go because it's been lodged in my brain to the tune of the Bon Jovi song since before I started writing this thread. If any of you fine people have a way to salvage this pun, I'll be forever in your debt.
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If someone were to recommend a topic that's been dormant for a while, you might call that 'Dead Thread Redemption'..

I'll show myself out.

Actually, I will say that I rather enjoyed reading stories related to gaming from people's youth. It never ceases to amaze me how age differences of a mere couple years can result in such diverging experiences in gaming when we were young. I wish more people would post to that topic, I think it's great reading that stuff.

I quite enjoy @Frindis' Riddle Me This topic too, and I encourage everyone to stop by and have a go at it. Reading what gaming moments gave people the tingles has also been fun, so thank you @Kaamos_Llama for starting that one!

There's probably a lot more topics worth mentioning here, so I will reserve the right to edit this post later.
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Some that come to mind:

Beautiful Game Appreciation thread made by @erdelf. It is an active thread and a great way for the community to share their screenshots and even for some (like myself) to learn more about how to make better screenshots. One of the more visually pleasing threads.

What's your favorite CRPG thread made by @Sarafan. Good thread to share some gems and also to get some tips on games you have not played yet. The same goes for the Must play RPG's thread made by @FrigidWinter.

There is a new thread by @Mazer called: What build are you? Really though. It is not an active thread as of yet, but I think the question itself is a very good one and could have the potential of sparking an interesting thought process when thinking about what type of character you play in a game.

What things have you've done (other than mods) that made a game more enjoyable? thread made by @I Will Haunt You. Interesting to read about how people adjust the game internally/externally for a more personalized experience. Subtitles on are Baguette au Fromage for my eyes.

The thread by @MaddMann called Games as a service is ruining gaming? is pretty new, but already spiking some interesting conversation about a subject that is very important for us, the consumers of games. I look forward to some juicy debate over this particular subject in the weeks to come.

To be continued...
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