Checking battery life

Hi everyone,
I got a new laptop last week and I'm concerned that the battery isn't performing as well as it should. I have had the laptop on for an hour and a half at the battery is 57%. I have been on a 75 minute zoom call but should it really have dropped down to this level?
The sliding bar is half way between best battery life and best performance.
Thanks for the reply - so i just turned on my computer and it says battery at 100% (1hour 32mins remaining) - but nothing is running in the background. Is this right? With the slider bar on best battery life it's 3hours 17mins and then it moves to 2hours 16 when in the middle. I thought that even at resting the battery would be at about 5 hours no?
It's an Asus TUF FA506IV
The estimate it gives is just an estimate based on what it's recently been doing as far as I know. So that estimate may change if the laptop was left idle for a period after startup. At startup the laptop will have been quite busy.

I'm not sure if the free / demo version of PC Mark has the battery life test in it, but if it does you could try running that and comparing results to reviews online e.g. this of the 90Wh one.

Is your laptop the one with the 90Wh battery or the 48Wh battery? Apparently there are 2 versions of it.