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Oct 7, 2022
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hi everyone, i am issusing alot of bad FPS lost. Can anyone help me?
My Current Build Is-
- Lain Li 0-11 Dynamic
- MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Force Motherboard ( 2 weeks old)
- Intel i7 11700K (2 weeks old)
- MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Trio GPU ( 2 weeks olds)
- 48GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Ram
- Corsair icue LCD 380MM Radiator
- Additional 9 Corsair 120mm Fans
-1000 Watt Power Supply

i reached out to MSI, they had me unistall driver and reinstall. The issue stopped for a day and now its back
Apr 26, 2021
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Alright. When issues of this nature happens. It rarely is hardware related, unless there is overheating causing throttling. So first thing i'd check. Is whether your temps are a-ok for your CPU and GPU. IF they seem ok with both getting emps like below 90 degrees celsius. Then i'd assume something in your system software-wise is being a bit problematic.

Considering the issue went away for a day after a driver re-installation. I'd probably then do a thorough sweep for Malware with one or two decent scanners. Just in case there is some parasitic "rogue miner" leeching GPU processing. If not i'd go shutting down background stuff one-by-one till i figure out what is bothering the system.
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some parasitic "rogue miner" leeching GPU processing
That was my first thought with the driver saga—so yeah, malware scans asap. Recommended:

Is the FPS problem mainly happening in Warframe, or in all games?

Also, shut down any non-game stuff you have running—chats, overlays, performance monitors etc—and see if that helps.