Best game intro ever (will contain spoilers, enter at own risk)

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I also decided never to attend the Burning Man, but that worked out well…
You, my friend, ARE a burning man! :LOL:

That's an appropriate tease, cuz the MSGV TPP intro has that burning horse at the end, and you spoke of nightmares. Sorry bro, you kinda set yourself up for that one. :love:

If you like we could all equip squirt guns like MSGV TPP has, and try to douse your flames! :ROFLMAO:


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Check its head, that ain't no horse!
Check its head, that ain't no horse!

Yeah, I know it had a fake horn on it's head. Since I don't believe in Unicorns though, and since they probably used an actual HORSE for mocap, I'll stick with horse! After ALL the work horses have done to bring mankind to where they are now (we even coined the phrase "work horse"), they are STILL disrespected with these fantastical myths and made to wear fake horns. It's really pretty strange.

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