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Um… you mean the vertical streaks?
The CRATER! One dead body not promptly incinerated, and BOOM!

What's up with the whole baby thing? That's always felt sort of creepy to me, tho for no good reason, just cos :)
Well, that's obviously some massive spoilers, plus the characters aren't exactly sure themslves yet, but here's my take:
The ghost things in the game are dead people(?) who haven't fully crossed over into death. A fetus is the reverse, something that's becoming alive. Most folks can't see the ghost things, but a fetus can sense them. Unfortunately, your average fetus is inconveniently stored inside the womb of a person unlikely to be interested in hauling cargo over mountains. The government (such as it is - which ain't much at the time) takes them out just a couple of weeks before being born and pops them into these handy carrying cases.

"But Zloth," I see you typing "Won't the fetus become fully alive pretty fast?" Yes, it would, except for another trick: the mother is kept in a medically induced coma... plus I think there's something special about that container they are stored in. This keeps the fetus from aging out into a proper baby and keeps its soul where it bridges between life and death. The courier just hooks in (somehow - I never saw that explained), mentally connects, and now the pair can detect ghosts.

TLDR version: people can plug into the baby womb thing and detect ghosts.
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This is what passes as a walking simulator these days?? The genre ain't what it used to be...

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto. Actually, looking at the map, I think it's Utah...

Zipper in the mists

End of the line

And that's it for Death Stranding. I moved on to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, which isn't big on screenshots.
that hat in the second picture
The usual personal skill tree has been replaced with 'gear', 5 different pieces of clothing—head, chest, pants, hand, foot. You unlock variations of these articles around the map, and wear whatever skills you want buffed for the next mission(s).

If I recall correctly, that hat highlights people and animals at night—the night is well done, I don't mind it at all even tho I'm usually not a fan of darker scenes.

But I'm guessing your query is more to do with fashion choice—haven't you ever worn a butt-crack hat before?
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