av wont let me view satisfactory q & a page

The problem is in the thread title .... i have used the page for 16 months and even used it earlier today , i just checked for new postings and my kasperksy av would not let me go their , it suddenly decided it contains malicious content ,,,,, i guess its wrong and the technical term for it is a false/positive.

Dont let rip at me for using a russian product , in 67 days its renewal time ...... no way now .... i gonna try ESET

i chose ignore warning and this came up .....

detected connection to an insecure web resource
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Kaspersky is correct.

When I try to visit…
…I get:


The security cert on the page is out of date—the benign reason being they forgot to renew it.

ESET was excellent when I used it a long time ago, so hopefully it's still as good as Kaspersky.
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