Question At this point, would you consider Steam Deck similar to a "laptop" or a portable PC

For me, I would, just because it's totally possible to install windows on that thing.
But, it's not a laptop in the conventional sense, with a big screen and a keyboard you can work with on the go.

But what it was built for is probably the best. For gaming on the go. 🎮😉

I've also read these articles, where it's not a laptop per se, but a desktop instead. Which is still the PC master race in the end. 🤣 (I'm being a bit of a troll)

Steam Deck Is Surprisingly Great As A PC—Here’s How To Do It - Kotaku

photo makes me question why you want to use that keyboard when the one behind controllers looks like it be more comfortable to type with

especially if its all running everything off a USB hub attached to its USB C port.

This is nothing new.

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I guess I would consider it a portable PC. My daughter is looking to get a gaming laptop, and I was going to recommend a Deck instead, but I think it's a little early for that. If she had a gaming pc already and just wanted something portable, that would probably do the trick, but right now she doesn't have anything but a hand-me-down laptop that barely plays anything. I don't want to risk her having something else that barely plays anything. I really need to get a deck myself and see how much Linux grappling you have to do before I could really recommend it to my kids because I'd have to be the "help center" every time they had a problem.
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