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  1. redmark_

    Question At this point, would you consider Steam Deck similar to a "laptop" or a portable PC

    For me, I would, just because it's totally possible to install windows on that thing. But, it's not a laptop in the conventional sense, with a big screen and a keyboard you can work with on the go. But what it was built for is probably the best. For gaming on the go. 🎮😉 I've also read these...
  2. Lutfij

    How To How to Cool an Overheating Gaming Laptop

    As technology advances we see computers grow substantially more powerful, even as the form factor shrinks. While owning a laptop with substantial horsepower has never been easier, one drawback to all this power is that these slim, sleek machines generate substantial heat. Not every...
  3. H

    Question Game lags suddenly then comes back normal.

    I have Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop and I have been using this for 6 months. It was fine until when I try to play games , the fps drops suddenly for a while and goes back to normal 60 fps again. This has been happening for a while. And I dont know how to fix this. All my games are stored in an HDD...
  4. G

    Question Need help please !

    Hi guys i want to buy a laptop for playing bluestacks But xD my max it's 500$ O_O [redacted]
  5. X

    Question I need help

    So I know my laptop isn't for gaming, but I have this laptop Anyway so i upgraded to 8gb ram around 6 monts ago and it was fine i could run cs:go at 60 fps no problem and suddenly around a month ago i...
  6. Fillan


    Hey! I Currently use an Alienware m17 r5and am going to sell it but half of one button pops off when I click on it. What are my potions to fix it? Best regards, Filip
  7. B

    Recommendations w/ $1200 budget

    Hey everyone! I'm in the market for a new gaming laptop (and yes I realize desktops are more powerful). I've been loyal to Dell for 20 years but wondering if there's a better bang for my buck elsewhere (plus not wild about the g-series cheap plastic design). Probably in the $1200 range...
  8. Sando

    Question Low budget gaming laptop Suggestions.

    Hello everyone, My 8 years old Laptop is reaching his limits, so I am looking for a new Laptop but I don't know a lot about the specs, if it's good or bad, worth or not etc... So basically I use my laptop mainly for Illustrator, Photoshop and gaming. I would like to find a laptop that can help...
  9. beardboy

    Is intel's integrated Iris plus 645 1536 MB much better than the Iris 6100 1536 MB

    Im just trying to compare integrated GPUs to see if the new Macbook can really do much more than my current 2015.
  10. beardboy

    Question Can I be stolen away from Apple?

    Hey folks. The time has come to upgrade. I have been running a speced up 2015 Macbook since...2015, and it is definitely starting to chug. At this point in my computational life it seems like I could go several ways. I could either buy a 2019 Macbook for about $1500 (I prefer 16gb of ram), I can...
  11. C

    1st Gaming Laptop - Need Advice

    Okay, so I'm as new as it gets to gaming laptops (and gaming pcs in general) and I want to get some advice and recommendations before I take the plunge. I understand that GPU and CPU matter the most when measuring a pc's ability to play a game, but looking at string after string of numbers has...
  12. M

    Question RAM Upgrade

    Hey, I've got a Lenovo Y720 gaming laptop, it comes with a basic 8gb samsung RAM. I'm looking at upgrading and have looked into what I want to get and am looking at Corsair Vengeance RAM. The question I have is, I want to upgrade to 16gb, should I get 2x 8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM and replace...