Are you wired or wireless?

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I went wireless on everything 5 or so years ago, now I'm back to being completely wired. There was just always a dead battery somewhere. Plus, wires really don't bother me like they do some people. Mouse wires drive some folks absolutely crazy, but I rarely notice mine. I would definitely notice if the battery died. The only kind of wireless thing I have are my Edifer speakers, but they are plugged into the wall, just not plugged into my PC.
I had a semi wireless setup with my peripherals, keyboard being the Microsoft X6 and the mouse being the X8. The mouse was what I ran in wireless mode after the battery was charged. Then grabbed a Razer Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Mouse which I'd used on and off in wireless mode but unlike the former mouse, the battery was bespoke(or so it seemed to me back then). I eventually got onto wired all the way since I migrated to the Logitech MW3 G105 + G9x setup.

I realized that if you managed the cables in the right manner, they aren't an eye sore instead adding to the aesthetic of the desk space. On a side note, batteries aren't friendly for the environment either. Charging/discharging said battery, resources needed to make a battery, then is the advent of a battery that is faulty/malfunctioning(or swollen) and lastly there's the matter of using non rechargeable batteries. With all that in mind, I just went with a wired setup.

As for the audio, yeah, I'm old school and prefer an analog connection on the audio as opposed to wireless. To add, a wireless audio device will have it's audio processing happen at the transmitter/receiver end and not your sound card(be it discrete or bundled with the motherboard) hence why an analog (5.1)setup.
I went as far as thinking about my phone...then thought, wait, cell phones can't be wired in 2021 :LOL:

I think OP should've left a bit of info about the thread/topic being about peripherals/speakers.
I think too OP should've left a bit of info about the thread/topic being about peripherals/speakers.
I thought posting in "Gaming Accessories" and talking about my mouse and speakers would give it away.
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I would be wireless on everything…

Since wireless internet became practical—ie as good as wired for my needs—around 7-8 years ago, my preference is for everything else to be wireless too.

Headsets: were wireless until various batteries died. Currently wired while waiting to get the right battery installed—first one was wrong physical size AND wrong ampage :mad:
The wire is a minor nuisance, but not bad—I haven't forgotten and walked away still wearing them… yet. Wireless was important up to a few years ago, when I used to spend hours on Skype, but currently just a preference.

Keyboard: would be wireless, except KB I wanted was only in wired. Not a deal either way since it's quite like me, it just sits there not doing much.

Mouse: wireless Logi MX Master, so good for me I bought a spare on sale—and lasts ~a week between charges. This is a deal, as I'm one of those people bothered by the wire on a mouse.

forget to charge everything wireless all the time
A simple reminder app would cover you on that—I have a number of daily jobs on mine, so I don't have to clutter the noggin with such trivia.
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Are Wireless Gaming Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

Competitive and pro gamers will probably prefer a wired mouse for continuous split-second reliability, but for us lesser mortals a *good* wireless mouse will be indistinguishable in perceived practice from wired.

Tips for Wireless Mouse

♦ Put the dongle in a USB 2 port rather than USB 3—there can be more interference from a 3 port.

♦ If under-performing, put dongle into PC rather than a USB hub.

For any mouse: where precision is important—eg shooters—use a lower DPI, somewhere around 1,000. You don't want the pointer jittering about when trying to grab a quick headshot.
Oct 8, 2020
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Never had a wireless mouse or keyboard. Not because of any particular reason, though it seems like a bit of a waste to keep buying new batteries.

A wireless mouse seems like a solution to a non-existing problem for me...
I used to use wireless keyboards, but they acted up too often or the batteries died too quickly, and I was too cheap to buy a 100% reliable, long-lasting wireless KB (assuming the $100+ ones are), so I went back to wired and added a USB extension cord for movability. I do still use a wireless mouse, though. I seem to have very little problem with that. Everything else, however, is wired. I have wireless headphones but they don't stay charged long and I just don't have the attention span to keep all my devices charged at all times.
I just don't have the attention span to keep all my devices charged at all times
That's probably the Achilles heel of wireless in general terms. If it was one device, many could manage it. But headset, phone, mouse, laptop, keyboard, ebook reader, pacemaker… many people have better things to do in life than keep track of charged status.

Wireless suits me however, since I don't have anything better to do—heck, I even hang in a games forum :rolleyes:
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you look professional
I get that so often—is it the moustache for you too?

can you please can suggest me the gaming mice from this list which is faster and affordable
Sadly I'm in reality only an amateur.
* listens to sounds of bubbles bursting with head hung low *

But I can mention attributes which are more important than speed or price:
♣ Grip: there are 3 main way people hold their mouse—claw, palm, finger—and it's vital that the size of your mouse suits your grip, for both efficiency and long-term injury avoidance.
→ Claw: rare grip, small mouse.
→ Finger: more precise, small mouse.
→ Palm: bigger mouse.
♦ Number of buttons: if you play MMOs, consider a mouse with ~20 buttons—if you think you can memorize them for quick access, which I could never manage. Around 6 buttons works for me for general use.
♥ Handed: right or left or both.
♠ Weight: light, medium, heavy, changeable.

I use claw grip, but I have big hands, so a bigger mouse works best for me—MX Master from Logitech.

Other less import considerations:
Tether: wired or wireless.
RGB: yes or no.

Important accessory: wrist rest, I recommend Roccat, mine is still perfect after years, whereas cheaper ones fell apart within a month.

Re speed, if you're interested in fast action games needing precision—eg shooters—then a small DPI is preferable, somewhere around 1,000. DPI is mainly a marketing bluff, like megapixels for cameras..
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