anyone using imgpile

I have been using imgpile for about 2 months without a problem , today nearly every time i try to upload a screen shot it says .... failed due to duplicate , i delete all my screen shots and it still says failed.

On the few that do upload i cannot post anywhere because when i right click the option to copy link has gone.
Yeah I use imgur too. For this kind of thing, you want to go with a trusted site that has plenty of servers and tech to keep things running smoothly. I used to use photobucket, who used to be good. Their service became very slow and outdated though, and imgur is WAY better.

Now photobucket keep sending me emails warning my content will be lost if I don't use my account. I almost feel sorry for them. If imgpile is a new or smaller service, they're probably just going through growing pains. Online storage and hosting services have grown massively in recent years, especially since COVID lockdowns, and some of the smaller or newer ones are having a hard time keeping up.
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Nope, haven't used it either—another Imgur user here :)

This 2yo article includes it as a recommendation, but with one concerning bit…
"lets you upload images up to 100 MB in size"
…that's a pretty big limit and opens them up to attack by competitors.

I've briefly used ImgBB and PostImages when Imgur had a problem, but returned as soon as Imgur got right again.

Imgpile may be having a temp problem, maybe updating servers or software, or their CDN is having problems—or of course they could be under attack. If you like it there, try somewhere else for a few days, and then check back. Every large or wannabe-large website goes thru troublesome spells.
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