Any countries governing/ruling strategy games out there ?

Aug 5, 2021
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Hi there,
I'm looking for a strategy game where I can govern diferent countries and have control over their people.
I want to try out some economic (capitalism/socialism/..) , social (conservative/liberal/...), and political systems. Also the OneChild policy.
I remember playing a Simulator game a while ago that seemed pretty complex. I'm pretty sure it's from this series:

One tip: don't go bankrupt by increasing your police budget to ten times the national GDP.
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For a slightly different take on it, Suzerain was great.

You manage a government from election to power, but its all done via text conversations. You have to make choices and compromises to get where you want, and plenty of things come back to haunt you later. There are Communist Soviet/Capitalist American analogues that you have to negotiate with as a smaller world power.

I really enjoyed it, it manages to humanize politicians in a way. Will you compromise your morals if it serves what you believe is the greater good?

Maybe not excactly what you're looking for but its in the ball park if you're talking about choosing between socialist and capitalist economic policies and conservative/liberal social policies and how that might turn out.
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