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I'm a smidgen the way through Anno 1800 (picked it up during Black Friday, Ubi had a nice sale), and I'm bumping into issues where my cash flow dips hard into the red and doesn't seem to want to recover, no matter how many houses I add or upgrade. Maintenance seems to have gotten way, WAY out of hand and I'm not quite sure what I've done wrong.

Now, I've heard that a lot of previous Anno players from back in Anno 1404 and after, when diving into Anno 1800 will also encounter this type of problem where they overbuild - but I'm just not 100% sure how to tell what the right amounts of factories and needs-fulfilling sequences of resource extraction I'm supposed to be creating. Warehouses tell me I'm maxed out on something, but not expressly the production capacity currently operational across the industries.

Any fellow Anno 1800 players out there have any tips on how to know how much I'm supposed to be building in order to keep from going bankrupt in early mid-game? I blame Anno 2070's Global Trust for foisting upon me the notion that too much product is good for the bottom line.

I figured it out! Apparently there's something called "Royal Taxes", and that was what was killing me.
Turns out having too many houses of the same type will trigger the threshold.


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Good to know, I have to revisit this game with the new DLC. I’ve gotten as far as oil and electricity but that’s where the wheels came off. First attempt was campaign mode and I did fine completing the story, second was sandbox mode, and I think third time’s the charm and I’ll get some electricity.
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