Activating Missions in Games?

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I'm still pretty new to games with multiple missions - where you need to tell it which mission you are going to do (and/or when it automatically decides/initiates them) and I need some help.

I don't know if I'm encountering glitches or if I'm just not telling it the right way - that I want to do 'this mission' now. I will mention that I've also encountered dumb glitches where missions refuse to activate if you don't do something very very specific.

For example...

Above a waterfall there is a cave which has 2x doors that slide open to get an ultralight, it kicks in the mission with a map and cutscene etc. This refused to happen simply because I only opened one of the doors !?!?

There was no reason to open the other door as there was loads of room to get the plane out - so this screwed me up for ages until I thought to try opening the other side too...

So I don't know if there's stuff like that going on as well... but I suspect that's a lesser issue and the map is the main problem etc.

I first encountered this in Fallout New Vegas - where the game ended up getting so screwed up that I ended up walking away.

I think I was exploring areas where I shouldn't have been because a totally different mission was activated.
This lead me to be somewhere - but the stuff that should have been happening when I got there - didn't happen and it ended up breaking things and was just soo confusing.

Anyway - a similar thing seems to be happening now with Just Cause 4 on PC (via Xbox App).

This game has the biggest lack of basic instruction or information about what is happening and how to make things happen - driving me nuts!

So I've included some screenshots to show you my maps/mission screens etc.
BTW - a whole bunch of stuff - like wingsuit time trials and stuff has only now appeared overnight which I have never seen before?

Anyway - I have squads, but just don't understand how to use them or tell them where to go - the instructions i've read just don't work.
I'm not even sure how they are supposed to help you - or do they not really?

But the biggest issue is - how do i tell it what mission I want to do...?

This is the worst cause I've tried going to so many temples for JAVI and there is just nothing there or no one to fight, nothing to find?
Or worse, the temples don't exist at all? (I suspect that one is underwater, and you need to blow up a dam or something?)

Similarly with missions at different cities etc in the default area you start in... same thing.
I go there, there's no one to talk to to activate any missions, there's nothing specific to do... i just wander from one to another pointlessly?

It's ruining the game for me.

I know there are different menus for different people and purposes, like Sargento, Javi, Garland etc... but can't do anything with them?
For example - with Sargento - do you actively do training or other stuff that you need to initiate - I just don't get it?

The only thing that activated recently for me was Garlands film stuff where you put boosters on a boat, and fake her death.
Most other missions simply have no one to talk to to activate all that stuff and I can't find any buttons in the menu to do it that way either?

Remember this is on PC, so ideally tell me how to do it on there - but even if you know about it on console - just tell me what to do via menus etc?

Hope someone can help - I want to get back to enjoying the game again!

Thank you for your help
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I never played JC4, but I have played 2 and 3. You typically don't need to talk to anyone to start them. It's not like an old RPG where somebody has a "?" over their head, you talk to the person (or whatever), and you do the specified mission. You just go to wherever the mission is and do what it tells you.

OK, I looked up on YouTube what's going on with Javi. When you do one of JAVI's ruins (or tombs or temples or whatever), you aren't necessarily fighting something. You don't talk to anyone, either. The tomb is actually a puzzle - one where the game is pretty explicit about just what you are supposed to do. For instance, if you explore Tumba de la Princesa, you'll find a lever with a big, green icon. Pull the lever, and stuff will happen. Keep doing what the icons indicate until you find some words and Javi remarks on them.

If you explicitly want to know what to do, you can watch this video.
Been a while since I played JC 4, but keep in mind in any JC game, the gameplay is largely unstructured. Meaning you're intended to destroy enemy facilities a lot. That's what gets you enough progress to be able to do actual missions as far as I recall. And btw, if you need help getting any of those wingsuit challenges done, I have captured a ton of them, including the hardest ones.


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