Unknown Worlds has two games in the works including a new Subnautica

PCG article

You know, I'm one of those persons who groaned every time he had to hear about PUBG and then groaned some more when they started buying other studios, but they seem to be managing things in a good way. We have Calisto Protocol coming this fall, and now we find out that Unknown Worlds is working on two projects at the same time, the turn-based strategy game that was previously announced and supposed to release into early access later this year and also a new Subnautica game (yay).

The job listing for the narrative director for the Subnautica game makes it sounds like it will be set on a different planet, so that's extra exciting. It also implies that it is still very early in development (less exciting). But, hey, more Subnautica is a great thing. Think I'll finally reinstall Below Zero and finish it.
I can't imagine much of anything on mobile - those screens are just SO SMALLL!!

I would think Civ would work fine on console, though. The only question I would have is whether the console crowd would buy enough copies to make it worth it.

I tried to play XCOM Enemy Unknown on my phone, and it was frustrating and tedious.

I'd be more excited for their turn-based strategy game if I knew anything about it other than it is a turn-based strategy game. For a game they are getting ready to release into EA soon, they sure haven't said much about it. Maybe during imaginary E3 we'll hear something, like at the PC Gaming Show.