Age of Empires 4 Random Discussion

Random discussion thread for Age of Empires 4. I know I’m one of the only ones here who plays it but I have a lot of thoughts I’d like to post, so why not consolidate it to a singular thread.

I had a very minor problem that had a very unusual solution last night.

I wanted to link AoE4 to my Xbox profile, not for any particular reason but just because it gives you the option to. It gave me an error every time I hovered over the account link button, saying something like “this isn’t available when offline”, which I’m clearly not.

Apparently this has been an issue since launch and there has never been an official fix for it. It’s such a minor issue since there is no benefit to connecting your Xbox account besides getting achievements there as well. After scouring the internet for a solid 30 minutes, I found a fix on the official forums. It came from a presumably Chinese user, who posted screenshots of a foreign website detailing the fix.

Basically, I had to go into control panel and delete Windows credentials linked to Xbox live services. According to Co-Pilot these credentials just save authorization for certain services, in this case Xbox services. It logged me out of my Xbox account on all websites and apps which isn’t a big deal but it worked after that. Funny thing is, the credentials I had to delete seem to have been made when I first bought the game on Steam last November. Something to do with initially starting the game for the first time on Steam creates a bug that blocks you out of linking your Xbox account, and there has been no fix for it nearly 3 years after release.
a lot of thoughts I’d like to post, so why not consolidate it to a singular thread

Oh definitely the right thing to do with any topic likely to have 5-6 posts or more—it would get buried and disjointed over a couple of the monthly threads.

With its own thread, we only need to use the 'Search in Titles' function in later months-years to find the topic—which is where forums shine.


In a similar vein, making little headlines of what's in a post will be a great help to people scanning the thread in the future, in case they can't find the right word for the 'Search in Thread' function.



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