Question 90's game that should be remastered

hmmm... i think its too old bro. but i will try give recommendation.
Baldur’s Gate
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Duke Nukem 3D
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

He is rather specific about what he wants remade

Most of the ones you listed have already been remade

I wish they would stop remaking games and make new things. Making games prettier doesn't make them more fun to play. But I get remaking games you can't play now.
He's talking about remastering, not remaking.

I vote for Lemmings—loved those little guys :)

Bigger games, it has to be Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2—even if RA2 came out in 2000.
Not sure if Civilization 1 & 2 would benefit, or are worth it, but Alpha Centauri surely would and should find a good audience.

If we're never going to see HL3, then how about a remaster of the original Half-Life?
Then there's GoldenEye 007.

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Hm.... I don't have issues playing oldies like Baldur's Gate and other Infinity Engine games - I mean, they all have Enhanced Edition, so this counts as a remaster, right?
Ok ok, Icewind Dale II is missing - but guess what else is missing? It's source code. So unless somebody at Beamdog is crazy enough to try and reverse engineer this game, I doubt we will see EE edition of ID2.

Speaking of games that could actually put on a little bit of makeup

Kohan (first one and expansion pack)
- because eff me but playing in fixed 1024x768 resolution ain't cool in 2021.
- because it seems it's impossible to even get it
- anybody remember this one? I remember playing the demo - it looked pretty and the idea of "fairies meet quake" was also interesting. It seems this one is also lost to the depth of time.

Actually, most other ideas I had either have some sort of "new port" (Duke 3D, Majesty) or are playable on modern systems thanks to GOG.

I am a moron, it was supposed to be about 90's games. Hey it's late, ok?

So from 90's
- Fallout 1 and 2 - but only update graphics SLIGHTLY and integrate the Restoration Project. Actually with mods these are still totally fine on modern systems
- Carmageddon 2 - give me some more bloody car on pedestrian violence with modernized controls and higher resolution
- Myth - who wants some to observe how crazy dwarf throws a bomb that kills half of your army?
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For me, Street of Rage. Used to spend every weekend just by playing it all day.

Didn't a new Streets of Rage come out 2 months ago?

I don't even know if they were good games but I have fond memories of Cannon Fodder, a kind of top down military shooter. I sort of recall an anti war theme based on the fact that your filling graveyards with your dead troops while more line up at the recruitment line. but it's been at least 20 years since I played it, so who knows.

With MOBA's taking off this past decade, a top down RTS where you just control a hand full of hero unites could be quite a bit fun.

EDIT: Wait, why is this thread in the RPG category? lol
Magic Carpet! I'm always championing this game and its sequel. Sorta base-buildy, aerial combat MOBAs.

Darklands! Open world party based RPG in post-medieval Germany, first game I ever played with real-time with pause gameplay.

Outwars! Third person shooter with a sweet jetpack and glider, massive levels and hideous graphics but all sorts of fun. And I just learned it's on steam!
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Bad remasters suck for sure. But good ones… I spent some enjoyable weeks replaying the Command & Conquer Remaster released a year ago. It was superbly done, and a great pleasure to revisit after decades.
Yea but C&C, or even the Age of Empires remasters and old-timey strategy games were fairly low-tech, sprite-based affairs and as such, their remasters involve all new assets. Sprites are replaced with polygonal models and it's almost a remake if you think about it.
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