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Dec 29, 2023
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If you bought it digitally, please post a link.

There's nothing in Wiki's lists of devs or pubs for 330 games or area 57, and I don't see a title of those names either.
It's not a digital copy. It's a disc with the plastic cover with art work and an insert with all the names of the people who worked on it. Executive producer was Brion Frantz.
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Looking at the files the game is from 7/29/2004
Brion Frantz often works with a guy named Mike Croswell who is active on LinkedIn. Your best shot at getting information may be to send him a message. It's possible that he worked on this game, or he might just have more information on it. He is a Unity developer and computer scientist.

Given the scarcity of information on this game, it might have been shareware.
Just out of curiosity I tried to google it and the only thing that came up is a SCP-themed Roblox game called Area57, so definitely not released in the date you provided.

I can take a few pictures of it and sent it to someone if they want to see it. Couldn't figure out how to use that imgur photo site.

You can go to Imgur.com/upload, upload your photo there, then once it’s uploaded copy the BB URL code and paste it here in a new response. I’m very curious to see if you’ve uncovered some unknown game that the internet would love to flock to.
Couldn't figure out how to use that imgur photo site

Okay, dug up the two instruction posts about it, one of them will see you right:

I found this

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