Question 3050ti vs 2060

Jan 30, 2020
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Hello guys,
I recently opened a thread at the troubleshooting about my laptop and laptop is gone now so I'll be buying a new laptop. There are 2 laptops that so close with pricing. First one is ryzen 7 5800h w/ 3050ti and the second one is i7 10750h w/ 2060. The other specs are same except ssd capacity (1st one: 1tb, 2nd: 500gb). Which one would you choose if you were in my position and why?
Edit: i probably won't use rtx
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TLDR the second one IMO

Not a laptop guy at all and some of it depends on screen quality, build quality and cooling battery life, etc... Which I know nothing about

But if you want a hot take based on the basic specs you've posted, the 3050Ti has only 4GB VRAM which will become a problem before the 6GB of the 2060, which also seems to outperform the 3050TI in games from what I can tell. Although that also will depend a lot on the TDP the 2060 is allowed to go up to.

The Ryzen 5800H is a better CPU but in games the difference will be minimal compared to the difference in GPU quality here. 1 TB SSD would be much nicer, but again for pure gaming its got to be the better GPU.


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